Metal Roofing

Better Roofing Protection for Your Assets

When looking at roofing for your building, we understand that you need something that is going last, hold up to the elements, and look great. If your roof doesn’t provide superior protection, your valuables are at risk of getting damaged inside your building and you’ll have to replace your roof again. For that reason, we only provide roofing that we know you’ll be satisfied with for a lifetime. You deserve the best of the best, and here at Hixwood, that is what you’ll get guaranteed.

Why Roof More Than Once?

Your roof should last your whole life, and then some. When you buy a roof from Hixwood, it will be the last roof you buy.

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metal roofing

Environmentally Conscious Roofing

Not only are our metal roofs extremely durable, they are all energy star certified and recyclable.

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Tougher Than Traditional Roofing

You have a lot of responsibilities and shouldn’t have to worry about your roof holding up to the harsh elements. You deserve a strong roof that will always keep your family and valuables defended no matter what weather may come. Our roofs will guard you from hail, wind, snow, and leaks. Make it tough, make it Hixwood.

Look Good, Feel Good

Not only should your roof be strong, it should look good too. You work hard and your roofing should represent that. Our heavy-gauge steel metal roofing will bring beauty and rugged durability to your building, and that’s something you can feel good about.

Design Your Perfect Building in Seconds

See hundreds of siding, trim, and roof color options. Your work is unique, build a custom building that matches your lifestyle.

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One Roof, More Than A Lifetime

Your roofing needs to last a lifetime. It’s the protection that you, your family, and your valuables deserve. We’re here to help you build something that will last every brutal Midwest storm, including hail, wind, snow and more

Premium Quality

If you want cheap quality, you won’t like Hixwood. We only provide products that we love and that we know will last. Your reputation depends on it, so we got your back.

Unlimited Options

Customize your roof how you want it. You’ve worked hard and earned something that should make a statement. Unlimited color, trim, and accessory options to make it unique like you.

Here Is What People Are Saying About Hixwood

"Hixwood Metal has continuously delivered high quality products in a very timely manner, allowing me to focus on running the business and getting more contracts."

Gingerich and Sons Construction

"I have been purchasing metal roofing materials from Hixwood for the last 10 years. The quality is superior and you can typically place a large order and get it delivered or pick it up the next day! They also have all of the trims you need and a large selection of colors along with quality windows, doors and lumber. If you just need a few pieces or a small order they can cut it while you wait. The convenience, service and price really sets this place apart from the big box stores."

Jeffrey Hazuga

"We have been getting metal from them for years, and they have an above-average product and are nice to work with."

Zackery Sensenig

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