Gingerich & Sons Construction

Gingerich & Sons Construction

Gingerich & Sons handles a number of large agricultural projects, as well as some smaller commercial and residential projects in Southeastern Minnesota.

When Gingerich & Sons contacted Hixwood Metal, they were faced with the problem of how to get heavy duty project components in a more timely manner, to better meet and exceed the expectations of their end users.

Hixwood Metal was able to solve this issue by installing multiple profile rollformers and two trim bend long folders to accommodate these shorter lead times.

Based on installation work by Hixwood Metal, Gingerich was able to fulfill contracts faster and improve bottom lines.

“Hixwood Metal has continuously delivered high quality products in a very timely manner, allowing me to focus on running the business and getting more contracts.” – Gingerich & Sons Construction

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"I have been purchasing metal roofing materials from Hixwood for the last 10 years. The quality is superior and you can typically place a large order and get it delivered or pick it up the next day! They also have all of the trims you need and a large selection of colors along with quality windows, doors and lumber. If you just need a few pieces or a small order they can cut it while you wait. The convenience, service and price really sets this place apart from the big box stores."

Jeffrey Hazuga

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