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Profitability depends on getting what you need quickly and knowing that your finished metal building will still be standing for decades to come. We only fabricate materials that we know will last and get it to you faster than anybody else.

Get Your Products Weeks Faster

We make the highest quality products and make them ourselves. Massive inventory and onsite fabrication means your customers get their materials weeks faster than the big box guys.

Why Hixwood

Stronger buildings, stronger reputation

Your reputation depends on products that are still sturdy decades after you’re gone. Browse the best post frame materials in the market.

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Need Product Tomorrow?

We know that timelines are fragile. We fabricate and stock the largest inventory of post frame materials in the region. If your timeline is tight, let’s talk. We’ll take care of you and make sure you get what you need as fast as absolutely possible.

Designed & Quoted Accurately

Mistakes in the building design can cost you weeks of time and hurt your reputation. We understand you can’t afford surprise quantity changes so our expert team of designers and engineers get it right the first time. We live and breathe post frame metal buildings and understand the complexities of unique building styles, dimensions, and foundation requirements. If you need it right the first time, you need Hixwood.

Accessories For Every Build

From accessories that make a statement, to making sure the hinges match, we’ll help you down to the finest detail.

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Days Not Weeks

Long lead times don’t work. We stock massive amounts of metal product, and if we don’t stock it, we’ll make it for you in no time flat.

Experts Who Know Their Stuff

This isn’t our side job. Metal building materials is all we do and we take pride in understanding your project and getting the specs right the first time. Get what you need and move on.

No Junk

If you’re looking for cheap quality, you won’t like Hixwood. We only sell products that we love and metal that we know will last. Your reputation depends on it, so we got your back.

Have a Large or Technical Project in Mind?

We run the largest most efficient machines in the industry. Have a big project? Let’s talk.

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See how contractors like you increased profit and efficiency by choosing Hixwood.

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